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The Healing Power of FAR Infrared Sauans




Thursday, July 01. 2010


How does Far Infrared Light actually heal the human body?

First, it is important to understand that Far Infrared Light Waves, specifically tuned to the human body’s resonant frequency, work through a process called Direct Light Conversion. This means that light energy enters the body penetrating up to three inches deep, and is converted to heat. This action is also called Radiant Heat because it heats the body directly, not the air around the body.


Exposing the body to Radiant Heat increases the body’s natural homeostatic responses which include: accelerated peripheral (blood vessels close to the skin) blood flow and improved circulation, vasodilation of blood vessels, oxygenation and toxin removal from muscle and fatty tissue. This anabolic response triggers the autonomic nervous system to nourish, heal and regenerate both physical and emotional health conditions.


What is Really Happening with Far Infrared Sauna Therapy?


1. Infrared Heat warms all the tissues, joints, bones, ligaments and tendons in a particular damaged area. Increased blood flow and vasodilation brings needed nutrients, hormones and healing oxygen to the damaged area while draining off cellular waste products.


2. Damaged cells which cause pain have negative electrical charge. Far Infrared Energy reverses the electrical polarity of the affected cells very quickly and sensations are noticeably reduced.


3. Infrared Heat causes tissue expansion in the damaged area which relieves pressure on the affected area, thereby reducing pain. As the muscles relax from the heat, tension subsides and a soothing relaxed feeling is readily noticeable.


4. Radiant Infrared Heat rebalances and nourishes the enzymes in Synovial Joint Fluid which help keep joints healthy, flexible and properly lubricated.


5. Far Infrared Energy activates Arginine in the body to create an increased supply of Nitric Oxide (NO) [not Nitrous Oxide… that’s Laughing Gas!] in the blood which enables the hemoglobin to deliver higher concentrations of healing oxygen and nutrients to injured cell areas! Nitric Oxide (NO) relaxes arteries and expands blood vessels and capillaries, which helps.to maintain normal blood pressure. It is a free radical scavenger that lowers serum cholesterol and prevents ‘bad’ LDL from oxidizing and becoming worse. Nitric Oxide is used by different immune system cells to kill bacteria, viruses and even shrink some cancerous tumors. Nitric Oxide stimulates the body into releasing its own human growth hormone, which is a key to Longevity. Lean muscle mass and bone density are boosted while decreasing fat tissue. Insulin regulation, increased rate of healing, long term memory and adequate blood flow to the brain are all characteristics of Nitric Oxide in the body. “Nitric Oxide is a beneficial neurotransmitter in the brain and peripheral autonomic nervous system which causes all the muscles and body systems to relax causing the body to become unstressed and relaxed.” according to Harper’s Biochemistry, 24th Edition, Chapter 58. Pharmacologists, Robert Fuchgott, Louis Ignarro and Ferid Murad won the Nobel Prize in 1996 for their work regarding the effects of Nitric Oxide in the human body. There are more than 10,000 Clinical Studies on NO.


6. Stretching during your Infrared Sauna Session produces elongation of muscles, ligaments and tendons which will have a residual effect allowing you to have more body flexibility and range of motion. This is very useful in warm -ups for athletic endeavors and helps to minimize the time needed to heal from injuries.


7. Ischemia ( localized tissue anemia due to lack of arterial blood flow ) manifests itself in chronic knotty muscles and muscle spasms. Infrared Hyperthermia causes blood vessel vasodilation and Increased blood flow to difficult areas, reducing pain, expanding constricted tissue and muscle areas and eliminating muscle spasms at the source.


8. Infrared Radiant Heat eliminates pain sensation via direct cause and effect on free nerve endings, tangled nerve ganglia and peripheral nerves. Infrared Hyperthermia increases endorphin production which negates pain signals sent from the nerves in the spinal column.


9. The process of “Resonant Absorption” of Far Infrared Rays through the use of Sauna Therapy has a wonderful effect on the skin and complexion. Amazing, Fast Results for Acne conditions are achieved through purging excess skin oils and by shrinking the sebaceous glands. Facial Lines and Crow’s Feet fade away. Pores are unclogged ridding the skin of dirt and waste accumulated over the years. Enlarged pores become smaller. Age Spots fade and eventually disappear. Eye Bags and Dark circles under the eyes clear up with improved circulation. After a few months the complexion takes on a distinctive, healthy glow reminiscent of the lovely aura that surrounds the face of pregnant women.


10. As the body is detoxified through Infrared induced expulsion of toxins via sweating, kidney and bowels, the Immune System is noticeably strengthened! Increased white blood cell production helps ward off viruses, harmful bacteria and germs. Enhanced cardiovascular activity and peripheral blood circulation keep veins and arteries flexible and help eliminate plaque and cellular waste. As the body’s pH level becomes slightly alkaline, disease and infections cannot multiply. Since the body no longer has to fight off an unmanageable toxic overload accumulated over time, it can function at an optimum level of cellular healing and disease prevention.


11. Dr. Sasaki Kyuo, M:D., has done extensive research on the therapeutic uses of Far Infrared Therapy. She is the author of “The Scientific Basis and Therapeutic Benefits of Far Infrared Ray Therapy” which is an extensive and documented treatise on the clinical effects of Far Infrared Therapy.


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