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BionTech BTM105U Under Counter Water Ionizer

BionTech BTM105U Under counter water ionizer transforms dead-tap water into vibrant water!

  •   Clutter free by mounting underneath your counter
  •   Stylish designer faucet
  •   Easy access controls to supply different pH water
  •   Patented self diagnosis feature adjusts to incoming water quality

A system specifically designed for under the counter applications, this unit has all of the controls included in the stylish designer faucet that also makes available alkaline and acidic water simultaneously.

These ionizers perform a filtration procedure which eliminates a major portion of both organic and inorganic contaminants. This is done using silver impregnated carbon to make sure that the filtration process eradicates as many harmful compounds as possible; leaving water that is filtered water which is ready for ionization.

Replacement Filter Cartridges Available

Replacement Filter Cartridges 1st and 2nd spare part suitable for Biontech BionTech BTM105U Water Ionizer removes harmful contaminants and provides purified water.

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