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BionTech BTM200N Water Filter and Ionizer

Imagine drinking pure mountain stream water at home!

This alkaline water ionizer transforms dead-tap water into vibrant water – similar to that from a pure mountain stream. Alkaline ionic water is considered to be the most healthful form of water for the human body, since is it easily absorbed into the cells, contains beneficial minerals, eliminates reactive oxygen and protects DNA from oxidative damage, which accelerates aging and contributes to many diseases.

The BTM200N Water Ionizer attaches to the tap to provide a continuous flow of ionized water.

Automatically adjusting to proper pH

Biontech with its unique patented technology provides a self-diagnosis function which automatically adjusts the pH level.

pH levels to suit individual needs

The BTM200 features several pH settings – 5 alkaline pH levels, 2 acid pH levels and a purified, neutral water setting.

Replacement Filter Cartridges Available

Replacement Filter Cartridge for Biontech BTM200N Water Ionizer removes harmful contaminants and provides purified water

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