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We are committed to help you reach your Health and Wellness goals!

We have carefully researched and selected the health tools that we offer in FOUR areas of Balanced Living to advance you on your personal health journey.

Pinnacle Health 4U: Pillars to Balanced Health

Detoxifying the body with Far-infrared Sauna Therapy

  • Far-Infrared Saunas: Health Mate Saunas   and Solarus Saunas
  • Portable Fold-away Saunas
  • Pre-Owned / Gently Used and Demo Therapeutic saunas
  • Repair and Service on MOST Infrared saunas (qualified technicians for all electrical needs)

Release Toxins with Hydro Therapeutic Detox Foot Bath Therapy

  • Pure Charge Energetic Foot Spas

Alkaline Water Purification Systems: Cleanse your water.  Change your Life!

  • Biontech Electric  Alkaline Water Ionizer (BTM) (Countertop and Under-counter models)
  • Biontech Replacement Filters/Cleaning Filters (supply and service)
  • Non-electric (natural) Alkaline Water Purification Systems (Gravity Alkaline Water Ionizers, Hybrid Portable Water Ionizers)

CLEAN INDOOR AIR: Indoor Air Quality Sanitization Systems

EMF Protection

  • Keep Your Loved Ones Safe From Electromagnetic Pollution for cell phones and wireless electronics and electrical equipment.

Body Conditioning and Core Training Equipment for Every Level of Exercise

  • Whole Body Vibration Therapy; (Balance, Circulation, Bone Density)  HyperVibe
  • The Lymphaciser – Rebounder; (Harmonious with the body’s electromagnetic fields)
  • Masterworks; –Gain Muscle-Lose Belly Fat MasterMoves
  • Rowbike;  (Upper and Lower body workout while cycling Outdoors!!

* Repairs and Service is now available on MOST Infrared Saunas.
* We also specialize in moving Infrared saunas.
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