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Electric and magnetic fields (often commonly referred to as EMFs) and the electromagnetic forces they represent are an essential part of the physical world. The sources for EMFs are charged particles of matter, primarily electrons and photons. These fields occur naturally within the body in association with nerve and muscle activity. EMFs are also part …


Health Mate M-Type Infrared Heaters

Not all infrared light is the same and not all infrared light has the same effects on the human body. Health Mate are the only manufacturer which uses infrared heaters specifically designed for the human body. What makes the M-type heaters so unique is the fact that the infrared light that they generate is fine …


The Healing Power of FAR Infrared Sauans

  HEALING POWER OF FAR INFRARED SAUNAS Thursday, July 01. 2010   How does Far Infrared Light actually heal the human body? First, it is important to understand that Far Infrared Light Waves, specifically tuned to the human body’s resonant frequency, work through a process called Direct Light Conversion. This means that light energy enters …


Health Mate Saunas

We are very pleased to be representing the Health Mate Saunas to our clients. For over 35 years, the Health Mate saunas are manufactured with the highest quality of workmanship with attention to every detail in features and performance. It truly is an investment in your personal health and wellness.