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Infrared Sauna Repair, Moving and Reselling

Need sauna parts? Service?  Someone to diagnose your infrared sauna problem? Our experienced technician can service and repair most infrared saunas. Call 1-888-239-9999 for questions or service assistance. Our dedicated sauna technician can diagnose and provide the sauna parts needed to get your unit up and working so that you can continue to enjoy the …


Health Mate M-Type Infrared Heaters

Not all infrared light is the same and not all infrared light has the same effects on the human body. Health Mate are the only manufacturer which uses infrared heaters specifically designed for the human body. What makes the M-type heaters so unique is the fact that the infrared light that they generate is fine …


The Healing Power of FAR Infrared Sauans

  HEALING POWER OF FAR INFRARED SAUNAS Thursday, July 01. 2010   How does Far Infrared Light actually heal the human body? First, it is important to understand that Far Infrared Light Waves, specifically tuned to the human body’s resonant frequency, work through a process called Direct Light Conversion. This means that light energy enters …