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Electric and magnetic fields (often commonly referred to as EMFs) and the electromagnetic forces they represent are an essential part of the physical world. The sources for EMFs are charged particles of matter, primarily electrons and photons. These fields occur naturally within the body in association with nerve and muscle activity. EMFs are also part of the natural magnetic field of the Earth (shown with a simple compass that reacts to this field in showing the direction of “North”) and natural electric fields in the atmosphere.

EMFs are also produced by currents and voltages in the electric power system. It is these fields that are man-made and are of concern to many, including Therasage.

Electric fields are a byproduct of voltage, and magnetic fields are a byproduct of electric current. Such fields are present from all electric appliances, from a coffeemaker to a cell phone, and are found in most homes due to low-voltage distribution wiring. Higher levels of exposure can occur from underground power cables, overhead power lines, and a variety of occupational sources. Exposure to EMFs includes exposure to the general background field of one’s environment enhanced by the exposure to EMFs from appliances.

Effects of EMF

After over two decades of international studies, scientific consensus is that EMFS do effect humans, including induced currents in the human body (similar, but at lower levels, as electric shock), microshocks (small spark discharges that occur on touching other objects), and effecting personal equipment (such as pacemakers and video display units). And although there is limited direct evidence, scientists have linked exposure to everyday levels of EMFs to a variety of health problems, from headaches to Alzheimer’s. Generally undetectable by the body’s natural defenses, EMFs are stored in our tissue fibers, percolating an unhealthy internal climate.

In light of these concerns, various national and international organizations have set limits or published guidelines on exposure to EMFs. In the United States, where the National Institutes of Health have labeled EMFs as ‘possible human carcinogens,” there is no federal exposure limits to EMFs. OSHA, as well as the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists have established recommended occupational exposure limits, but with no legal force. Thirteen of the fifty states have adopted some type of precautionary policy or exposure limits. Similarly, the European Union has a pending Directive on occupational exposure.

Therasage and EMF controls

In light of the strong evidence that man-made EMFs are the latent cause of diseases, including childhood cancer, sleep disorders, ALS and other neurodegenerative diseases, Therasage has been in the forefront of minimizing EMFs from electronic powered devices. Therasage was the first in the far infrared industry to recognize the importance of addressing EMF and reducing its risk to consumers. Further, Therasage actively seeks to educate consumers as to the benefits of far infrared in detoxing EMFs from the body.

Working with its factories, Therasage addresses EMF controls as a fundamental concern of all devices it brings under its corporate name. Filtering begins at the wall socket itself. Grounding plugs are incorporated where possible and, whenever possible, extra insulation is integrated to screen EMFs. All devices use United Laboratories (UL) tested or listed components to add to the high level of comfort and effectiveness required of all products bearing our name and reputation.

As the electric current travels from the wall socket to the device controller, Therasage insists that all products have additional safety and EMF filters wherever possible, including EMF filter materials in our Heating Pads and other filtration materials on our microchip boards that convert the electric current to a far infrared frequency. Special EMF insulated wiring is used and the natural filtering of EMFs caused by far infrared frequencies is utilized wherever possible to minimize direct EMFs as well as any EMF leaching to occur. The ultimate result of our controls is that Therasage products maintain the lowest, minimal levels of EMF in the industry.

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