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The sauna has helped with circulation and has given me more mileage.  It has helped relieve my chronic back pain as well as diminishing my nerve pain. We are really happy with our Solarus sauna.

–  Mary Ulrich


The chronic pain in my neck and shoulders from many years, and a burning sensation in my leg from a 2 year old injury, disappeared completely in the first 2 months use of my Solarus Sauna.   My cellulite lumps have gone and my legs are smooth.   I’m so impressed with this technology.   I had done 6 months research before buying my Solarus sauna.   It is the only company I have found using the crystal heaters, and the effect in my body is unbelievable.
–  Caroline Tutschek


We are absolutely amazed at the Health Benefits the Solarus Sauna has had for our all of us and our friends too. I have had a sore shoulder for many years as a result of a series of whiplash accidents I had in 1996 . One month of sauna use and my pain was gone and it has not returned. I had a bad fall at work in December /06 and I sprained my spine. Once again our Sauna proved to be invaluable to my recovery. I did not miss one day of work. It may seem hard for many folks to believe but I feel my back improving as I sat in our Sauna.

On another note, our 4 year old Grandson has Asthma and last visit he also had a cold. His mother was so surprised when not only did he not have trouble breathing his nose stopped running within minutes He often asks to go into Nana’s “Little House” when he visits. It warms our hearts beyond words to watch him play with his cars in the Sauna knowing that his little lungs are being cleared up by the Sauna and he can breathe normally again.

I have a friend who has a very serious case of Psoriasis on her entire body. No medications or creams have helped her to any degree. She noticed a marked improvement on her Psoriasis after only one visit in our Sauna. She is saving to buy her own Solarus Sauna very soon! Thank you again for this wonderful product, it has improved the health of our entire family and friends far beyond our wildest expectations.
– The Bickert Family


I used to have recurring rashes on my arms. When my cat scratched me the rashes would turn into black blotches that would last for weeks.  Since I got my sauna the sores are gone in a day or two.  I have thrown away my prescription and my doctor thinks this is good.   I figure its one of the best things I ever bought in my life.
–   Lionel Hannestad


I build log houses and am allergic to cedar dust.   I have had my Solarus sauna for one and a half years, and have had no reactions whatsoever, and I use it on a daily basis.   Its totally relaxing and a stress reliever.  Its also encouraged me to begin reading again!
– Stan Boyd


When we bought our Solarus Sauna 9 months ago, they mistakenly shipped us the wrong model. I phoned to let them know, and the very next day the owner’s daughter drove up with the right sauna model bringing with her a set of plexi-covers for the floor and seat to make up for our inconvenience. Their service is second to none. Our sauna gets used 5 – 7 times per week .…..we haven’t missed a beat.

I’ve had some phenomenal experiences from using it. With proper diet and exercise and using my sauna, I’ve dropped over 60 pounds! Also, I was taking meds for high blood pressure. Since using the sauna, I have been able to take myself off these pills. The sauna motivates you because you feel so good. Everything about life is easier. I’m hooked!
– Guy Linnea, Barriere, BC


Our experiences with the SOLARUS Far Infrared Health Sauna Cabins are:

  1. Pleasant heat, not the burning feeling on skin, and easy breathing inside cabin
  2. Easy connection to 110V
  3. Overall craftsmanship of the sauna cabin is superior (and we looked at quite a few)
  4. We can recommend this Sauna system to anybody (we are NOT connected in any way to the Solarus Sauna company)
  5. Best of all our aches and pains are gone and we feel good all over

Thank you for bringing this exceptional, wonderful product to us in Canada.
–   Jules and Wendy, Aldergrove, BC


I had such bad pain all over my body that I couldn’t stand to be touched.  I could not sleep, sit or stand comfortably, and was confined to my apartment, as going out was impossible.  I was 28 and desperate.  This was no life to live.  It was getting steadily worse and I’m sure the wheelbarrow full of pills for pain and complications contributed to this.  I was seriously contemplating doing something unthinkable out of desperation, when I discovered this amazing sauna.  It is 2 years later and I am a fully-functioning woman, with virtually no pain.  To say this sauna is a life-saver is an understatement.
–  Sue Cech


The Solarus sauna is one of the best investments we ever made.  We’ve had the sauna for 2 years now and enjoy the time in it at least 3 times a week.  Besides the health benefit of detoxing we were amazed how quickly my 2 fingers healed (cut the tips off with a hedge trimmer and had to have them sewn back on) even my doctor couldn’t believe how fast and clean they healed.   In addition to this my cellulite has been reduced by 50 – 60%.   My husband and I love it and we look forward to each sauna.
–  Tilly Faber


Hi Robert …..we just wanted to tell you how much we love our Solarus infrared sauna.  Some of the great benefits we’ve noticed are:

  • Reduction in healing times for injuries incurred during our daily workouts – sore wrist, tender hamstring, tennis elbow
  • Speed in recovery from a hyper-extended knee
  • Reduction in cellulite through continuous use
  • Feeling of well-being after the sauna
  • Helps to shorten the duration of flu and colds, also great for headaches

In over 3 years of use, we have not had one problem with our sauna and it continues to operate extremely effectively.  And we have noticed no additional costs to operating it on average of 2-3 times per day.
We use our sauna everyday and it is the thing we miss the most when we are away on business or holidays.  We feel this is the best investment we have ever made for the benefit of our long term health.
–  Sherri and Patrick McAndless


After 5 months using your Solarus sauna, the chronic pain in my right shoulder of more than 15 years, has virtually disappeared.   I could not lift my hand over my head in the shower, and now I have full use of that arm.  I could never have imagined that such relief would be possible just sitting in a sauna!   I am now a believer!  Thank you for a great product.
–   Sincerely, Hein Mehrhoff, Vernon


I tried a Solarus Sauna and knew I wanted to get my own far infrared sauna in my home.  I purchased another brand online for a better price and made them take it back, as it was nothing like the experience in a Solarus sauna.   I did this twice.  Finally I went out and tried all the other brands available in the Vancouver area.  Nothing compared to the experience in a Solarus Sauna, so I bought one!

I do still believe that the Solarus model is the best sauna for your money out there.  The wood used, the controls, and the heaters were all considerably better than other brands that I used.
–  Randy Tepper,  teacher


My spine area in my neck has had no sensation for 15 years due to whiplash and osteoporosis, etc.  After literally only 5 minutes in a Solarus sauna, I could feel a tingling sensation in this area.  I tried this again 2 months later for the same period of time.   Again, I could feel sensation there.  I have tried at least 6 other saunas and this hasn’t happened in any of them!
–  Bari, Coquitlam


The Solarus Sauna relieved my osteo-arthritis pain in my hips, back and joints within the first week of use.  I have been using it now for 2 years, everyday, sometimes twice a day, because it helps me stay pain free.
– Scott Stepaniuk



We have been using the Solarus Sauna now for 8 months or so. The first few times the sweat that came out of me was really sticky and brown. After that it has been more watery.   I don’t have the aches and pains that I had.   I also feel a lot better physically with far more energy.   So many people have commented that my skin looks and feels 10 years younger.I knew about the ph water machines from about 10 years ago when I ran into a lady doctor from California who was promoting them. She looked about 35-40 years old – it turned out she was 65!    Ever since then I have wanted to get myself one however at that time they were very expensive.   We now drink 4-5 or more glasses of the alkaline water everyday.   Everyone around us is getting sick with the flu except us.   We feel a lot healthier both inside and out.  It’s like your products have taken 10 or more years off my age in just a few short months. Don’t know what else I can say other than thank you for products that are incredibly effective. I will never again be without my sauna or water machine.
–   Ralph Semple


For 10 months I have endured painful muscle spasms which would show up in different parts of my body and incapacitate me. I have been on the ionized water for 3 1/2 weeks, and for the past 2 weeks I have not suffered from any muscle spasms whatsoever.   My Chiropractor wants to know what I am doing right !  He wants information about this alkaline water ionizer.  Also, my coffee cravings have diminished considerably.  All I want is this water !   On another note, my mini-schnauzer, Sheba, was overweight, miserable, incontinent, and was using doggy-diapers.  After just being on this water she has dropped half her weight and all her body problems has disappeared.  She goes regularly now, like any normal dog.  I am so happy we discovered the Ultimate Products Centre.
– Marie Bogdanow


My bout with stage 4 Cancer four years ago left me with daily fatigue and an inability to sleep for more than 3 hours at a stretch.  First Solarus sauna session, I slept through the night ! I had just caught a cold when I started using the Sauna and drinking the Alkaline water.  It ran it’s course in 5 days rather than the normal 2 – 3 weeks.
My shape has changed quite a bit…the menopausal fat around my middle and on my back has reduced dramatically.  I’ve dropped 2 dress sizes and 10 pounds in 2 weeks!   I’ve been on the water for 4 weeks and my cravings for sweets and chocolate have actually been eliminated.  I had a cancerous tumor in my left hip eradicated, and was left with recurring pain.  I am pleased to announce that since completing the first 2 weeks on these products (Solarus sauna, Ionized water), I am completely free of pain in my left hip.  I have also noticed a general tightening of my skin, especially along my jaw line and waistline. And my eyesight has improved.  At 53 years old these are welcome results! I feel my life-force is back, as I now have energy for everything !  I look forward to continuing to build vitality through ongoing use of these ultimate products.
– With gratitude, Christina Young


I was bedridden with a very severe bladder infection that had spread to my kidneys.  The pain was so unbearable I could not get out of bed.   After a 30 minute session in a Solarus Infrared Sauna and three days of drinking only Alkaline water (and food of course), my infection cleared up without the use of drugs !
– Sherry Sell