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The WaterMark™ Affordable Alkaline Water Filtration

The WaterMark™ is a non-electric, high-performing super-affordable alkalizing and anti-oxidizing system.

With the WaterMark™ you can get the best qualify drinking water possible that meets your budget.

The WaterMark™ uses minerals and energy fields to alter water to produce high-quality water superior to any tap or bottled water at a more affordable price.

Warranty: limited lifetime (lifetime of the product which is estimated at 10 years) warranty.

The PH Miracle WaterMark™ Alkalizer and antioxidizer comes with: pH test kit.


  • Improved pH up to 10ph
  • Water filtration
  • High levels of antioxidants
  • Free hydroxyl ions
  • An excellent source of ionic magnesium and other alkalizing minerals
  • Increased oxidative reduction potential up to -650m Reduced molecular cluster size
  • Soft texture and crisp clean taste
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy installation
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Affordable

This benefit is achieved by the WaterMarks vortex action. Water is sent through a vortex tube where it is spun around charged crystals which create major improvements to the structure of the water similar to the action of a water fall. Moving, living waters are far healthier than stagnant bottled or other waters.

4 Very Advanced Filters

Fitter #1-PP Poly Propylene – sediment removal

Filter #2-UF Ultra Filtration: For sediment and antibacterial protection

Filter #3-Pl Ceramics: For antioxidant creation

Filter #4-Activated Super Carbon: Coconut source carbon removes organic compounds

Pathway #5: Water passes through an energy vortex

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