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Therasage Portable Infrared Sauna

Therasage Premium Portable Infrared Sauna

  • Premium IR Panels and Materials
  • ACF technology with enhanced Negative Ions
  • Low EMF – High Efficiency
  • Value, Convenience, Portability – Easy Assembly
  • Only Portable Sauna with Carbon Fiber Infrared Panels
  • Non-Toxic, Antibacterial materials
  • Includes carrying case & portable folding chair
  • Extra long 12-foot power cord
  • Uses simple 110v current and draws 30% less power than a hair dryer

Convenient and affordable, the Therasage™ Portable Infrared Sauna is the only portable sauna on the market that incorporates natural tourmaline discs, offering enhanced calming negative ions and active carbon fiber panels to deliver optimum FAR infrared heat and negative ion therapy. By far the best portable sauna on the market!

The Therasage™ Portable Infrared Sauna offers all the benefits of the more expensive saunas at a fraction of the price, and without any of the space restrictions. It folds up easily for storage under a bed or in a closet, uses very little electricity and emits minimal EMF. The unit also includes two soft terry cloth washable neck collars that zip on/off for easy cleaning, storage pockets, a folding chair and carrying case for convenience and portability. Relax, detoxify, improve circulation and boost your metabolism all while reading a book or watching TV in the privacy and comfort of your home!

Naturally detoxify, enhance metabolism, burn calories, increase circulation, improve cardiovascular health, relieve pain, reduce tension and stress, and promote overall health and wellness.

Features and Benefits:

  • Safe, long lasting therapeutic heat allows natural pain relief
  • Tourmaline for even distribution of infrared Heat & Negative lons
  • Low EMF infrared portable unit
  • Includes two washable, removable terry
  • Includes carrying case & portable folding chair
  • Extra long 12 foot power cord
  • Multi-Function time and temperature controller with auto shut off
  • Folds and stores easily under bed or in closet

Therasage™ personal sauna has integrated carbon fiber panels and tourmaline disks for the maximum infrared absorption available today.

The Therasage™ Portable Far Infrared Sauna features low EMF, high heat penetration and effective detoxification.